Jordan preview

I am still getting used to the idea that anyone reads this blog (thank you for doing so!) so I apologize for taking off on vacation without warning. We have been in Jordan for the girls’ Rosh Hashana vacation. Much more to say about this intense trip but a few previews….

– Our children are given hugs, candy and even a “Muslim Barbie” as they walk down the street. They never want to leave Jordan.
– Terence is put to work at a Middle Eastern boarding school
– Hannah encounters a crumbling Crusader castle
– We float in the Dead Sea but prefer the waterfall pool
– We visit Petra as a family (surprise success) but do the real hikes at sunset and dawn. A wonder of the world, indeed
– From the top of Mount Nebo, we, like Moses, see the Promised Land but cannot get there….as the Allenby Bridge closed 2 hrs ahead of schedule. Secretly thrilled to have another night in this country I already love…


About hilarymead

Taking two young kids, a great husband, and a whole lot of questions to Jerusalem for a year's sabbatical.
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