Galilee Thanksgiving

We had the most wonderful trip north over Thanksgiving. So many people had predicted we would love the Galilee, and indeed we did. It felt a little like Northern California in terms of the topography, weather, agriculture and chilled-out vibe. Definitely a kinder and gentler Israel than around here. (Granted, we saw uncleared mine fields and some other war remnants but somehow the vibe was still very pastoral).

It was especially fun to explore together with grandparents. Although it’s not always easy to find activities suitable for all three generations, the Galilee had these in abundance.

So for example, at Nimrod’s Castle near the Syrian border, the adults marveled over the fortification that protected the road to Damascus, while the kids climbed on walls and explored the ruins to choose four bedrooms each — “for winter, spring, summer AND fall!”



In Nazareth, we went to the massive Church of the Annunciation but also the Nazareth Village, a historical recreation of the town in Jesus’ day. 21st century Hannah met 1st century Hana the weaver.




In the Hula Valley, Terence, Anne and the kids biked around the lake and the rest of us walked and marveled at the birds’ migration.





We went to Sachne, a stream naturally warm enough that all of us swam outside on November 27. And as if that were not fun enough, right next door was…

Gan Garoo! I mean, who doesn’t love feeding kangaroos?





In and amidst all this frolicking, we visited several Christian sites around the Sea of Galilee. I guess this proves how much better I know the Gospels than any other religious text. We visited a lot of gorgeous churches commemorating Jesus’ miracles, but the most beautiful and moving place was the lake itself. I’ll always remember climbing down the rocks and sitting at waters’ edge with my girls.


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Taking two young kids, a great husband, and a whole lot of questions to Jerusalem for a year's sabbatical.
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