Small pleasures

This is such an intense, larger-than-life city. I’m still trying to take pleasure in the little things, like strawberries in season in January, or the used bookstore in our neighborhood that Hannah and I went to yesterday after our weekly library visit got interrupted by a general municipal strike. What a relief — this little used bookstore not only had a copy of Dancing Shoes in English, but it was used and only 20 NIS! A week with a new book = a good week.

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Taking two young kids, a great husband, and a whole lot of questions to Jerusalem for a year's sabbatical.
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1 Response to Small pleasures

  1. Kristin H. Macomber says:

    Ah, The Shoe Books! I adored them when I was growing up, but having only boys in my house, I never got to revisit them with my kids. I love the scene in “You’ve Got Mail,” where Meg Ryan has to explain the whole Noel Streatfeild series to a hapless big-box bookstore employee. Classic.

    fyi, I’m a Cambridge friend of Lindsey, via PPLM, and it was from her blog that I discovered and bookmarked your blog. I have a sister- and brother-in-law who are also on sabbatical this year from the boarding school world, in their case the Holderness School in NH. I keep sending my sis-in-law Martha links to your posts; she’s also adjusting to life in a foreign land with a daughter.

    So, just wanted you to know that you do indeed have an appreciative readership out here in the cybersphere. Like Lindsey, I am enjoying your brave adventures from the safe and familiar confines of home.

    Kris M.

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